About Tamar Ackerman

An alumna of New York University, Tamar Ackerman graduated 
magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and 
Jewish History in December 2008. As an incoming student, 
she earned an Academic Merit Scholarship to the College 
of Arts and Science. While pursuing her studies, Tamar 
Ackerman volunteered at New York State Psychiatric 
Institute at Columbia University Medical Center, where 
she assisted an occupational therapist on an adult, 
inpatient unit. Following this rich experience, she 
decided to volunteer at the Lenox Hill Hospital 
psychiatric unit, while shadowing a Licensed Creative 
Arts Therapist. 

During the summer of 2008, Tamar Ackerman was admitted 
into Collegiate Leadership Internship Program (CLIP), a 
selective program for college-aged students interested 
in building and developing leadership skills. During that 
summer, Ms. Ackerman interned at Federation Employment 
and Guidance Services (F.E.G.S.), where she was able to 
apply her interest in clinical psychology.  While at 
F.E.G.S. Ms. Ackerman conducted group treatment sessions 
involving art and pet therapy, people skills, photography, 
and other healing methods. 

In her final semester of college, Tamar Ackerman obtained 
Latin Honors, as well as recognition as a Bronfman Artist 
Fellow, allowing her to exhibit pieces of her own art work. 
With a passion for drawing, painting, clay modeling, and 
collage, Ms. Ackerman held several public exhibitions over 
the next two years, one at the Center for Jewish History 
and two at the Bronfman Center Gallery. 

After receiving her Bachelor’s degree, Ms. Ackerman was 
trained to answer phone calls for Beth Israel Medical 
Center’s Support for Orthodox Victims of Rape and Incest 
(SOVRI) help line, where she volunteered for one year 
while pursuing her graduate degree. For nearly a year 
following this period, she served as an art therapy intern 
at Bronx Children’s Psychiatric Center. Her experience 
there paved the way for an intensive internship placement 
the following year at The Ittleson Center in Riverdale, 
New York. Tamar Ackerman expects to complete her Master's 
degree in January 2012.

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